Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage buying guide

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is a car enthusiast's dream toy! The garage has three epic play levels with parking, real moving elevator and a tune-up shop. With this three-story garage and 36 included cars, the possibilities are endless.

Each level of the garage has unique details to make playtime fun and exciting. For example, the top deck includes a winning flag that you can raise after zooming down the included ramp.

This ultimate garage comes with two exclusive cars. The full set includes 36 cars out of which 33 are Hot Wheels brand cars and 3 are Matchbox brand cars. The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is an awesome gift idea for car enthusiasts aged four years old and up.

One of the most popular toy car brands in the world

Kids love cars, and Hot Wheels is one of the most popular toy car brands in the world. The manufacturer has been making toys for decades, and a lot of us grew up playing with Hot Wheels toy cars. It’s no surprise that our kids are now playing with them too. However, things have changed in the time since we were kids. These days there are so many different toys to choose from that it can be hard to keep track of all the options. One of my favorite childhood toys was an awesome garage where I could play with my cars and make them do all kinds of fun stuff. I remember being amazed by how much fun it was to play with my own garage, and I wanted to give my kids the same experience.

Are your kids (or nieces and nephews) car-obsessed? Then the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is a must-have toy. This large, play set lets kids store their entire Hot Wheels collection, then race cars along the floor or up to the top of the tower. Cars can be launched through a spiral ramp that sends vehicles flying into a giant pit at the top of the ultimate garage.

There are two different versions of this popular toy — a standard version and a deluxe super-sized version. Below, we break down some key features of each so you can decide which ultimate garage is right for your kids.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Hot Wheels cars, or your kids are in need of a new toy, the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is an awesome purchase. It's not cheap, but it's also not a small addition to your playroom either.

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage comes in two styles: Shark Attack and Sharkport Showdown. The former features a tower with a shark biting at the top, while the latter has a more traditional garage layout with a lower tower. Both are very large sets and will take up some space in your child's play area or bedroom.

Both sets feature multiple cars from different collections that can be launched through loops and jumps. The Sharkport Showdown set comes with an additional race car for racing against other Hot Wheels sets, but these are sold separately

However, the Ultimate Garage is not cheap. The price ranges from $120 to $140 depending on the store. We've included deals and promotions below for those of you who don't mind paying full price.