4WD Radio Remote Control Monster Truck Car Off Road

Simon Winning Simon Winning

Remote control cars are toys of the 21st Century you'll love to play with these awesome toys; you have total control, fun as you play and get the unexpected thrill of driving the real thing.

Catch the excitement of your car racing at top speed, turning in all different directions.

Get ready to fasten your seatbelt and take your remote control car to the next level. Imagine the fun you'll have!

Smooth Performance and Reliability For The Whole Family, If You Want To Share!

Tough enough to withstand most common impacts. This is when you realise that this toy is worth the money!

My children and I find it enjoyable to play with remote control toys. It's a wonderful way to share in family fun.

We have searched high and low for the right toy for my kids and finally came across remote control cars.

We ended up purchasing the car from a major retail store. By that time, my kids were excited and couldn't wait to get home and start to play with it.

We arrived home and opened the box, expecting batteries to be included. Isn't funny when you do purchase any toys that require batteries, they aren't included? Box Always reads, "Batteries sold seperately".

My kids were disappointed, as they wanted to play with damn thing, right there and then! So I rushed back to the shops and purchased the batteries. What a hassle it was.

I inserted the batteries, by this time my kids could not wait any longer. Turned it on, wamo, we were in business! I yelled out to the kids in excitement. "Here we go!".

The car was in full flight, moving in all different directions around the room.

After a couple of days playing with it, the toy wouldn't work properly and my kids were disappointed.

Here are 10 Exciting reasons why 4WD Radio Remote Control Monster Truck car is for you:

  • User Friendly - which means easy to manoeuvre and control at the touch of a single button.
  • Versatile - which means racing your car indoors or outdoors enjoyment
  • Quiet - for easy operation.
  • Environmentally Safe - really friendly to the environment.
  • No Hassles - comes with complete instructions.
  • Everything you need - in one easy to use package.
  • A Breeze To Use - Simple. Relaxing. Safe.
  • Fast Easy Setup - Turn it on and its ready to go.
  • Easy On Your Pocket - Fun and affordable.
  • Fun - for the whole family.