5 Tips for Buying Vintage Fisher-Price Little People

Simon Winning Simon Winning

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People (FPLP) are highly collectible items. They show up in swap shops, antique toy stores, online, and in a variety of other unique places.

A collector needs to know what to look for in order to obtain a valuable item for their collection. Before a collector makes a purchase, understanding the history and the market can be helpful. Following a few simple tips can make collecting the FPLP easier.

1. Know the History of Fisher-Price Little People

Fisher Price Little People started in the late 1950s, and the classic style toys continued production until 1990. After 1990, the Fisher-Price Little People underwent major changes, including a wider and shorter body style to help reduce the risk of choking. Collectors are generally only interested in the classic Little People and the playsets produced from the 1950s to 1990.

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Disney come in a variety of styles, and can be plastic, wood, or even lithographed over cardboard. Knowing how to spot a classic piece and being able to tell the average age of a piece is an important aspect of good collecting.

2. Avoid Buying Knock-Offs

Fisher-Price vintage Little People are highly collectible, so a collector should be aware of imposters on the market. Wise collectors need to do their homework, and avoid buying knock-offs. Some collectors may confuse other brands for Fisher-Price Little People. These brands did not set out to confuse consumers, but piggybacked off the success of Fisher-Price Little People.


Differences From FPLP

Playskool Play Friends

Square block head

Dime Store

Labeled as Little People; made of cheap plastic


Made by ILLCO Toy Company; fit into LP playsets; no vintage FPLP Disney characters made

Mattel Putt-Putt Sets

Made of all wood with large round heads with painted-on hair and faces; fit into LP playsets

Fisher-Price Little People have a unique look, making them easy to spot. Oftentimes sellers may not know the difference between FPLP and other figures that fit into the playsets.

3. Look for Fisher-Price Little People in Good Condition

Fisher-Price Little People and the Fisher Price Castle are worth much more when in good condition. Some of the playsets, including the castle, are prone to chipping and cracks, such as the carry-and-playsets that often have missing handles.

When purchasing a Little People playset, it is not necessary to have all the pieces included, although it is desirable. As long as the playset is not missing lithographs, or any parts, the people and the accessories are available separately from many different sellers. Collectors like bright lithographs and stickers, so avoid buying any playsets or vintage Little People figures that have worn or destroyed lithographs.

If the Fisher-Price playset includes the box, the value goes up by $20 to $40, depending on the set, even if the box is in extremely rough condition.

Cleaning Fisher-Price Little People Toys

Collectors can clean dirty Fisher-Price Little People with a damp cloth and mild soap. They should never be soaked as water can damage wood. Water will also damage the lithograph pieces. Mineral oil works well for litho pieces and for removing crayon marks. Chalkboards on playsets wash up nicely with lemon oil.

4. Only Buy From Sellers Who Offer Detailed Images and Information

The ideal seller will have plenty of details and images of the Fisher-Price Little People listed. If a seller is not familiar with the Little People brand, they cannot offer as many details, so it is up to the collector to ask the right questions. Images need to be clear, high-resolution, and plentiful.

5. Have Items Packaged Properly

When collectors purchase Fisher-Price Little People playsets from the Internet, they should ask for proper packaging before shipping. Loose accessories and Little People figures not packaged separately, often become damaged during shipment if they are simply placed loosely inside the playset.

How to Buy Vintage Fisher-Price Little People on Toyopia

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